Presentation Title: Perspectives of Key Stakeholders on Implementing Community-Based Rehabilitation in an Underserved Caribbean Country

Award Won: Highest ranking professional master’s poster presentation

Awardees: Lauren Crump & Emma Lee Shepherd

Background: Emma and I were interested in completing an international fieldwork placement since the start of the occupational therapy program. We both also happened to be interested in Trinidad as an option and both have close personal connections to the country. After discussions with Debra Cameron, who has worked extensively in Trinidad & Tobago we decided that it would be interesting to develop and complete a research project that could be addressed during our time there. Our placement was between October and December 2017 at The Immortelle Centre for Children with Disabilities working with students as well as pre-vocational workers. We were able to see first hand the experiences of children living with physical and intellectual disabilities in Trinidad and develop a project geared towards advocacy and addressing the current gaps that exist for this underserved population.

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