ICDR’s research is informed by our values.  All research is advocacy-oriented with the intent of contributing to meaningful change.  Research priorities are established in collaboration with those affected by the research.  We value multiple forms of expertise and proactively seek to include affected communities as partners in the research process.

ICDR education research on global rehabilitation and disability

ICDR is committed to research on international clinical internships. Some examples of our research in this topic area include best practices and tools for international clinical internships, ideal competencies for physiotherapists working in resource-poor settings and impact of international occupational therapy internships on future practice. 

Here is a list of current projects/tools the ICDR has done for disability research:

Asking About Disability in Research Tool

ICDR-Consulting research

ICDR has an international consulting group that contributes our expertise to research on disability and rehabilitation globally.

ICDR-Group research priorities

We also conduct research in collaboration with our international partners based on locally determined research priorities. For more details, please see the ICDR-Group page.

  • Best practices in rehabilitation and disability, including mental health
  • HIV, disability and rehabilitation
  • Mainstreaming disability into general health and social services
  • Investigating the impact of short-term internships on clinical outcomes
  • Evaluation of a community-based rehabilitation programme
  • Parents’ perceptions of children with developmental disabilities
  • Vocational options for adults with intellectual disabilities
  • HIV, disability and rehabilitation in adults and youth
  • Combatting disability stigma
  • Critical approaches to sport-for-development
  • Rethinking rehabilitation