Vision, Mission and Values


ICDR will be a leader in research and education in the rehabilitation sciences focused on improving the lives of people with disabilities globally.


The mission of ICDR is to advance the function and well-being of people of all abilities through a scholarly mandate that focuses on:

  • Education: Enriching the educational experience of rehabilitation science students locally and globally, and providing professional development for rehabilitation professionals to become more responsive to global needs
  • Research: Contributing to new knowledge and innovation on international issues in rehabilitation and disability


ICDR’s work is underpinned by a commitment to the following values:

  • Respect: We recognize the talents and abilities of those with whom we work, and the central role of those whose lives are affected by what we do
  • Partnership: We strive for authentic partnership with those we work with and for
  • Rights-based approach: We work to promote and advocate for human rights, social justice, and equity for all people
  • Innovation and excellence: We seek creative, bold and holistic solutions that meaningfully address the complex needs of people with disabilities and their communities
  • Inclusion: We welcome, respect and partner with people with diverse abilities, opinions, and backgrounds
  • Sustainability: We promote the use of local expertise to facilitate self-reliance and independence of individuals and communities