ICDR-Consulting offers a much needed service for groups who want research, evaluation and development projects to be done with academic rigour. ICDR is comprised of a dedicated team of researchers with a diverse range of skills and backgrounds in the fields of disability, rehabilitation and public health. Our team members have extensive experience successfully implementing fieldwork in Asia and Africa and are familiar with the context and perceptions towards rehabilitation and disability issues in these regions.

ICDR has conducted numerous research and evaluation projects, both quantitative and qualitative in nature with national and international governmental and non-governmental organizations including Handicap International, Hope and Healing International, Plan International, UNICEF and the World Health Organization.

Our core values are:

Rights-based approach: We work to promote and advocate for human rights, social justice, and equity for all.

Sustainability: We promote the use of local expertise to facilitate self-reliance and relationships among individuals and communities.

Respect: We recognize the talents and abilities of those with whom we work, and the central role of those whose lives are affected by what we do.

Partnership: We strive for authentic partnership with those we work for and with.

Innovation and excellence: We encourage broad, holistic and appropriate responses to the complex needs of people with disabilities and their communities.

Inclusion: We welcome, respect, and partner with people with diverse abilities, opinions, and backgrounds.


Penny Parnes BSc DSPA (MHSc)

Educated originally as a Speech Language Pathologist, Penny Parnes has a long history focused on issues related to disability. Ms. Parnes was one of the founders of the International Centre for the Advancement of Community Based Rehabilitation at Queen’s University and was the founding Executive Director of ICDR in 2004. She held this position until 2012 when she took on the role of Chair and Lead for ICDR-Consulting.