Who We Are:  A student group made up of professions from the Rehab Sector Sciences (RSS) that supports the larger International Centre for Disability and Rehabilitation (ICDR). We currently have members from occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech language pathology, and graduate department of rehabilitation studies.

What We Do: ICDR-Students provides a learning environment for Rehabilitation Sector Sciences students to critically examine and explore global health issues through discussion to grow as global citizens. We support global health initiatives, and local and international partners through various student-run events throughout the year. We also play a role in facilitating  international clinical internships for occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech-language pathology students.

Mission Statement: To generate an awareness of and develop interest in global health and rehabilitation among students in the RSS, and to bring the expertise of students to ICDR.

ICDR-Students Objectives:

  • Awareness: Increase awareness and visibility of ICDR among students, especially those in the RSS.
  • Critical Engagement: Create opportunities for students, especially those in the RSS, to critically engage with issues relating to disability, rehabilitation and global health
  • Building Community: Create opportunities that assist ICDR-Students members to develop critical perspectives and build social cohesiveness amongst themselves


Co-Chairs: Maria Zainab and Insiya Bhalloo


Occupational Therapy
Maria Zainab

Year 2 Rep
External Communications
Group: ICDR Pakistan

Rehabilitation Sciences Institute and Speech Language Pathology
Insiya Bhalloo

PhD and SLP Rep
Student Co-Chair
Group: ICDR Pakistan

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For more information, please contact Maria Zainab and Insiya Bhalloo

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