International Clinical Internships

NOTE: An information session on international clinical education at ICDR sites is held each Fall. 


Student Reflections

Patricia Blinn, Trinidad, OT:

My favourite experience of my international placement was the opportunity to carry out my own project. I was given the space and liberty to be independent and creative, while still receiving amazing support from the school, ICDR-Trinidad, my supervisor, and fieldwork partner. I taught yoga classes to the students, and it was so fulfilling to see their enthusiasm and progress during each class. It is really wonderful to be able to deliver an intervention you really believe in and see it making an impact.














Holly Thomas. Trinidad, OT:

I would recommend doing an international clinical internship because it truly allows you to integrate and apply the information you have learned in an academic setting. The University of Toronto had given me all of the tools I needed to succeed, but the international placement pushed me to organize and apply these tools in ways that I never would have had the opportunity to do in Canada. Ensuring treatment plans are client-centred and sustainable are huge challenges to begin with, but when combined with an unfamiliar cultural perspective you gain valuable skills that are translatable to practice back home.








Cassie Smith, Tanzania, OT:

The most learning occurs when you are challenged while being supported. It was great being at KCMC where we had the support of other OTs but also had a lot of freedom to implement assessments and interventions, all while adapting to a new healthcare system and cultural environment. This experience tests your client-centred practice because you have to move out of your comfort zone to provide care that is meaningful to the client. This process means working through the language barrier and learning about occupations that can look very different from ones here in Toronto. This experience taught me how to creatively problem-solve in a way I wouldn’t have learned in a local placement. It is also a wonderful way to collaborate with practitioners from different contexts and perspectives. 








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