ICDR Trinidad Students take Fieldwork 3 Online during COVID-19


ICDR Trinidad FW3 placements looked quite different this year during COVID-19. OT students became involved in several unique projects and placement activities that, for the first time ever, were conducted virtually, with Immortelle Centre for Children and the University of Southern Caribbean’s OT program. 

The placement unfolded at the most opportune moment, as staff and students at Immortelle Centre were just beginning their transition to online learning. The OT students were able to provide support, mentoring and consultation to the Immortelle staff/caregivers by delivering a series of interactive workshops. Staff were provided with culturally relevant virtual strategies and resources related to stress management, how to engage students, maintain attention and deal with sensory challenges during virtual sessions. The OT students engaged in virtual one to one OT support sessions with students and caregivers to address OT goals. These sessions involved consultation with teachers and parents, as well as, direct virtual OT therapy with students. Finally, the OT students engaged in a virtual community outreach project with the MSOT students at the University of Southern Caribbean (USC). As a part of this partnership, the students created a promotional video for the program at USC profiling Occupational Therapy Practice in the Caribbean.