Private: ICDR Trinidad celebrates the wonderful life of Mary Scott

Mrs. Mary Scott passed away on April 1, 2015 at the age of 101. She lived a very full and interesting life and had a huge network of family and friends. She was a supporter and friend of ICDR Trinidad even before it became a formal group. Mary provided financial support for the very first occupational therapy student placement at Immortelle in Trinidad in 2001. At that time, it was not expected to be an ongoing opportunity, but it was so successful and Mary was so pleased that she continued to support the placement. Her donations enabled Canadian OTs to go to Trinidad to supervise the students as there was no local OTs that could do this. Since 2001, over 80 OT students have completed this placement and all of them have been in touch with Mary by card and letter to express their thanks. These student communications became one of her most treasured possessions and she had a special spot for them. As a passionate advocate of social justice, Mary supported many worthwhile causes and any person whose dreams she felt she could advance. We are very fortunate that she chose to help advance the dreams of so many OT students, supervisors, children, and families through our Trinidad placements. The last words on her obituary were “Every person I ever met added to my life. My greatest hope is that I added to theirs too”. We in the ICDR Trinidad group know that she added to our lives immeasurably!