Private: Join ICDR’s 2019 Scotiabank 5 km/Marathon Team

Sign up today to run for ICDR in the Scotiabank Marathon/Half-marathon/5km!

You are invited to join the International Centre for Disability and Rehabilitation (ICDR) team in the Scotiabank race on October 20, 2019. Here’s what you need to know.

How do I register for the race? See the step-by-step instructions in the box below.

Why run with the ICDR team: Because it’s going to be fun. And to fundraise in support of ICDR’s activities to improve the lives of people with disabilities in resource-poor settings.

Do I need to be a runner to join the team: Everyone is welcome. You can walk or jog the 5km. And there’s a half and full marathon for more serious runners.

When is the Scotiabank race: October 20, 2019

When should I sign up: As soon as possible, to have lots of time to recruit sponsors (and to motivate your training!).

Can I invite others to join the ICDR team: Yes! ICDR welcomes everyone to join our team, whether or not they have previous ties to ICDR.  Please spread the word throughout your networks.

Is there a cost to register: There are different registration costs for the 5km, half, or full marathon (see details below).  You pay this up front when registering, and it is fully reimbursed if (when) you fundraise more than $300.

How will ICDR use funds raised: All funds will support ICDR’s research and education activities that aim to improve the lives of people with disabilities. These activities target the priority health concerns of ICDR’s partners in resource-poor settings, and also support international university student placements.

How do I register for the race with ICDR’s team: Follow the step-by-step instructions below.

What if I have questions or am already registered for the race and now want to join ICDR’s team: Contact ICDR’s Scotiabank race administrator, Cathy Cameron at  

Step-by-step instructions for registering for the race:

1.       Go to this link

2.       Click ‘REGISTER’ on right side of screen 

3.       Input your email, create a password and tick the box agreeing to the terms and conditions

4.       Select the event distance that you wish to participate in

5.       Input your registration information, emergency contact information and answer all additional questions. (Note: Skip the ‘Enter Promo Code’ section at the bottom of the page. You enter ICDR’s Charity PIN Code in step 10 below).

6.       Click continue. Agree to the Scotiabank waiver 

7.       Click yes or no as to whether you are a Scotiabank employee

8.       Click yes as to whether you want to participate in the Charity Challenge

9.       Select ‘International Centre for Disability and Rehabilitation’ from drop down menu

10.    Input the ‘Charity Pin Code’ that corresponds with the race distance you selected:

–    Marathon or Half Marathon ($80): M19ICDR

–    5k ($40): 5K19ICDR

–    5k with stroller ($50): 5ST19ICDR      

11.    Select ‘Create Scotiabank Charity Fundraising Account’ from the drop down menu.  Or you can select “Make a donation’. Or you can do both. At the bottom of the page you can indicate a donation amount.

12.    If you select ‘Create…Fundraising Account’, create a username and password and set a fundraising goal. If you raise more than $300, ICDR will reimburse your registration fee.

13.    Click ‘CONTINUE TO PAYMENT’. Input billing and payment information and click ‘SUBMIT ORDER’

14.    At the bottom of your confirmation page there is a link that can be shared via Facebook, Twitter or e-mail. There is a button that you can click on the bottom right side that will bring you to your personal fundraising account that you can customize and use for fundraising. 

BONUS STEP: Reach out to others in your world to join you on the ICDR race team.