Privilege 101: Power, Privilege and Oppression in the Context of Health Equity

On November 18th, 2017, Dr. Stephanie Nixon facilitated an event on Power, Privilege, and Oppression in the Context of Health Equity. 

What is privilege and why is it important?

For health care practitioners, how can awareness of privilege have an impact on clinical practice?

How can people concerned about health equity practice allyship in their own professional contexts?

In this hybrid online/on-site course, we will explore these questions to deepen participants’ understandings of privilege and oppression and their impact on health. Using kindness, humour, critical reflection, and collaborative learning, this course will enable participants to build connections with others who are interested in developing awareness of privilege and allyship in the context of health. Participants will engage in the practical application of this new knowledge to health issues, drawing on examples from pop culture, everyday life, and clinical contexts.

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