The ICDR’s Strategic Plan for 2023-2026

We are very excited to announce our strategic plan for the development of the International Centre for Disability and Rehabilitation. 

Here is a link to the PDF of this plan: ICDR – Strategic Plan – 2023 – 2026

In July 2022, Andrea Duncan and Tim Bressmann joined ICDR as the new Co-Directors and it was decided that it was time to develop a new strategic plan. The development of this strategic plan included deep consultation and collaboration with the existing ICDR community and potential target stakeholders for future collaboration.







The International Centre for Disability and Rehabilitation’s (ICDR) vision is to be “a leader in research and education in the rehabilitation sciences focused on improving the lives of people with disabilities globally” and its mission is “to advance the function and well-being of people of all abilities through a scholarly mandate.”

Strategic Priorities and Objectives

Under the themes of Research, Education, ICDR Consulting, Networking and Communication and Administration, our strategic objectives are as follows:

  • Objective #1: Create new pathways for RSI researchers to link their research to the ICDR.
  • Objective #2: Review and strengthen the ICDR’s processes for international fieldwork place-ment for students within the rehabilitation sector
  • Objective #3: Develop and build out the ICDR’s international educational offerings
  • Objective #4: Strengthen ICDR-Consulting’s processes for onboarding new consultants andproposal writing
  • Objective #5: Review and update communication structures and procedures of the ICDR
  • Objective #6: (Groups) Define what it means to be an ICDR Group
  • Objective #7: (ICDR-Group Leadership) Define ICDR-Group Leadership Structures
  • Objective #8: (Membership) Define, retain and expand ICDR membership
  • Objective #9: (Financial stability) Ensure financial stability for ICDR’s future