Study on Inclusive Education

A study on inclusive education for children with disabilities in West Africa was recently conducted with funding from Plan WARO (West Africa Regional Office) and implemented by an ICDR team, led by Penny Parnes and including researchers Janet Njelesani, Donald Njelesani, Danielle Richard, Goli Hashemi, Heather Keachie and Cathy Cameron. The team also included the following advisors: Stephanie Nixon, Deb Cameron, Lynn Cockburn and Rachele Tardi.

The report from this study, entitled Outside the Circle, was released in the Spring 2014 by Plan WARO, timed to coincide with the UN General Assembly’s first-ever meeting of heads of State and Government on the issue of disability and development. Please go to the following links to see news items related to this release:

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Click here for the full report.