Understanding & Addressing HIV & Disability-Related Stigma

Group shot from conference presentationDr. Stephanie Nixon, Assistant Professor, Department of Physical Therapy and Academic Director, International Centre for Disability and Rehabilitation, is spearheading a programme of advocacy-oriented research on HIV and disability in Southern Africa.  She received CIHR funding to convene a meeting of women and men with disabilities and/or living with HIV, activists, researchers and health workers in Lusaka, Zambia to address stigma related to HIV and disability.

Featured in photo (Left to right): Samson Mwale (Zambian sign language interpreter), Justine Bbakali (Zambia Federation of Disability Organizations), Mary Wendy Kateka (Zambia Disability HIV/AIDS Human Rights Programme), Cathy Cameron (ICDR research coordinator), Precedece Gertrude Kapulisa (physiotherapist and head of the Community Based Intervention Association, Zambia), and Dr. Stephanie Nixon.

To learn more about how people with disabilities can accelerate health system reform in Lusaka, Zambia, check out this video. It was created by the International Centre for Disability and Rehabilitation for the Rockefeller Foundation.