The FAQ sections below provide responses to our most commonly asked questions.

What is a 'travel advisory' and why does it matter?

Clinical Practice

How do the clinical skills and experiences obtained during an international clinical internship compare to those from an internship in Canada?
What are the benefits of an international clinical internship to a student in terms of his/her profession?
What types of clients would I be working with and in what settings?
What clinical supervision will be provided during the internship?
What are my obligations to ICDR when doing an ICDR ICI internship?


How much does an international clinical internship cost?

What funding support is available for ICIs?

How are students matched to internship sites, and do all students who apply get placed?
Which countries take OT, PT and/or SLP students?
How long is each internship?
Where will I live during an ICI?
Will I need a visa?
Will I need to know or learn another language?
What if I have food allergies or restrictions?
Are there other activities that I could participate in during my international internship?
What if my plans change and I am unable to participate in the internship?
What access will I have to communication while away?
What are the guidelines for social media or public blogging while on an ICI?
What distinguishes a internship with an ICDR country from other international clinical internships?
Would I be able to do more than one international internship?