Where and when are ICIs available?

ICDR collaborates with the Department of Occupational Science & Occupational Therapy, Department of Physical Therapy and Department of Speech-Language Pathology to offer placements in 5 countries. For information about other placement opportunities, students should speak with the clinical education coordinator in their department.

Where does ICDR offer international clinical internships (ICIs)?

ICDR supports 5-10 week clinical internship opportunities for Occupational Science & Occupational Therapy (OS&OT), Physical Therapy (PT) and Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) students at five of our international sites. Internships are offered by ICDR’s international partners. These partnerships are stewarded and nurtured by ICDR-Groups.  Once a student has been selected for a particular ICDR site, they will be a given a site-specific Handbook. For general information on preparation for an ICI (e.g., visas, inoculations, and other helpful information) please check out the ICDR International Clinical Internship Handbook

Available International Clinical Internships 2018-2019

Dates and locations of available internships for the Class of 2018 and 2019 for occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech language pathology are available here.

Country Site Details
Cameroon Saint Joseph’s Children and Adult Home (SAJOCAH) Bamenda Coordinating Centre for Studies in Disability and Rehabilitation (BCCSDR) About ICIs in Cameroon
About ICDR-Cameroon
ICDR-Cameroon is currently not hosting ICI placements, for more information please contact Lynn Cockburn
 Kenya Disability Service Programme (DSP) About ICIs in Kenya
About ICDR-Kenya
For more information, contact ICDR-Kenya’s Vice-Chair of Education: Ellen Leung
Philippines Kapansan ay Akibat sa Kaunlaran ng Bayan (KAAKBAY) Rehabilitation Centre About ICIs in Philippines
About ICDR-Philippines
For more information, contact ICDR-Philippines’ Vice-Chair of Education: Jovylyn Ronquillo
 Tanzania Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation in Tanzania (CCBRT)Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre (KCMC) About ICIs in Tanzania
About ICDR-Tanzania
For more information, contact ICDR-Tanzania’s Vice-Chair of Education: Amanda Landry
 Trinidad Immortelle Children’s Centre About ICIs in Trinidad
About ICDR-Trinidad
For more information, contact ICDR-Trinidad’s Vice-Chair of Education: Shelley Vaisberg or Sandy Steinwender